Séminaire du Labex TransferS : Cycle de conférences sur la littérature russe. Andrew Kahn, "Ré-écrire les Lumières en Russie : centre et périphérie".

04/06/2018, ENS, Département de Physique, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris, Salle L361. 14-16h

Osip Mandelstam is widely recognized as one of the great Russian poets of the twentieth century. After some prefatory remarks about Mandelstam’s love lyric, the paper will concentrate on a single lyric, “I pray, Dame France, for mercy and compassion,” (“Ia moliu, kak zhalosti i milosti,” 1937), an enigmatic work written during a period of exile in Voronezh and full of Parisian motifs. A secondary aim will be to make talk about the hermeneutics of difficulty poetry and offer some general comments about the critical methods that help to open up his late poetry.