Séminaire Manuscrits scientifiques / 2023-2024

14/12/2023, ÉNS, 45 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris. Salle INFO1 (Ada Lovelace), 14h-16h.

During the late 1670s and the 1680s (but also after), Leibniz was fascinated from the writings of Joachim Jungius and his students. Leibniz held a high esteem for Jungius, the author of Logica Hamburgensis. He left marginalia and « Annotationes » on Jungius’ texts he possessed, as well as copying several of Jungius’ manuscripts, which are today no longer available. In my talk I am going to concentrate on how Leibniz copied two of Jungius’ texts – Texturæ Contemplatio and Logica de notionibus, which deal with textiles and textile practices (weaving, knitting, etc). Comparing these copies with other copies of these texts, done by Jungius colleageus, one may detect several steps in the genesis of those copying process: not merely simply copying, but also excerpting, omitting and expanding the texts, having other people copying it, later controlling the text, or reorganizing the copied folios or adding remarks of his own.


Michael Friedman (Cohn Institute For History And Philosophy of Science And Ideas, Université de Tel Aviv)