Genetic criticism and the creative process. Essays from Music, Literature and Theater


Introduction :
Genetic Criticism and the Creative process : William Kinderman

Part One : Texts, Variants, and Variations : Evolving Contexts in Literature and Theater
From Varieties of Genetic Experience to Radical Philology, Geert Lernout
Variant and Variation : Toward a Freudo-bathmologico-Bakhtino-Goodmanian Genetic Model?, Daniel Ferrer
The Genetic Record of a Voice : Variants in Barthes’s Le Plaisir du texte, Armine Kotin Mortimer
Can Genetic Criticism Be Applied to the Performing Arts?, Jean-Louis Lebrave
« The hardy Laurel » Beckett and Early Film Comedy, Robert B. Graves

Part Two : Genetic Processes in Music : From Beethoven to Leroux
From Melodic Patterns to Themes : The Sketches for the Original Version of Beethoven’s « Waldstein » Sonata, Op. 53, Alan Gosman
From Conceptual Image to Realization : Some Thoughts on Beethoven’s Sketches, Lewis Lockwood
The Process within the Product : Exploratory Transitional Passages in Beethoven’Late Quartet Sketches, Peter McCallum
« They Only Give Rise to Misunderstandings » : Malher’s Sketches in Context, James L. Zychowicz
A study of Richard Strauss’s Creative Process : Der Rosenkavaliers’s « Presentation Scene » and SchluBduett », Joseph E. Jones
Genetic Criticism and Cognitive Anthropology : A Reconstruction of Philippe Leroux’s Compositional Process for Voi (rex), Nicolas Donin

Afterword, Philip Gossett
List of Contributors