Séminaire du Labex TransferS : Cycle de conférences sur la littérature russe. Andrew Kahn, "Ré-écrire les Lumières en Russie : centre et périphérie".

14/05/2018, ENS, Département de Physique, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris, Salle L361

Through the use of techniques drawn from Social Network Analysis and a set of case studies, the lecture will demonstrate how Catherine used letters to control reputation, disseminate information, assert her power, and position herself within correspondence networks on the European scene. While the lecture will be based on printed sources it will also provide an opportunity to introduce the Digital Database of the Correspondenceof Catherine the Great (CatCor) currently run at Oxford by Andrew Kahn and Kelsey Rubin-Detlev and consider how databases of this type help us map interpersonal and political relations in the period.