Séminaire du Labex TransferS : Cycle de conférences sur la littérature russe. Andrew Kahn, "Ré-écrire les Lumières en Russie : centre et périphérie".

11/06/2018, ENS, Département de Physique, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris, Salle L361. 14-16h.

Alexander Radishchev’s Journey from St Petersburg to Russia (1790) is one of the most important pieces of writing to come out of Enlightenment Russia. The fate of the book and the author, who was exiled by Catherine the Great, also became one of the great causes célèbres of Russian imperial history. This lecture will consider the question of Radishchev’s aims in the light of his philosophy history and against the backdrop of the historical context of the early 1790s.